Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Etsy Store

I created an Etsy store on etsy.com back in July- but I've FINALLY gotten around to really creating it with pictures and everything. Enjoy!

New Canvases!

Here's some new canvases I've worked on this week- I'm thrilled with how they've come out. They're 8X10 flat canvases hung with ribbon. $25 each. 

Red 12" M

I like this one so much- I might just have to keep it for myself! 

Krysie's W

Krysie ordered a W from me as well as one of my cross canvas art pieces- all in the Tiffany Blue & Brown color scheme. Then a week later she came back for the same order for her boss- another cross canvas piece and a V (forgot to snap a picture though!) Thanks for your business Krysie! 

Amanda's H

Amanda ordered a 24" H in reds and browns with few accents of greens- can I just say how much I love my hobby?! This is fun :-) 

Candy's D

Candy's D is a 12" in light blue, whites and browns. 

Cathy's Z

Cathy's is a 12" Z in Burgundy, browns and greens- hard to see the green in the picture, but its more of a metallic green. 

Just some new pictures of some orders the last few weeks!