Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Central park

I've been feeling under the weather since Sunday. Went to the doctor yesterday & he said I've got an ear & sinus infection. Yeah. I've been sleeping most of the day yesterday & today. Which I am now tired of! I even tried to sew yesterday & that lasted about 2 minutes before I went back to bed.
My sad sewing machine (ps-can you believe I STILL don't have my machine back??? )the part is back ordered. over 2 months now :(

Anyway, got a nice little package in the mail today & really brightened my day! (really did since it's so gloomy !)

Some yardage of Moda's central park for a crib quilt backing & binding and also some Sunkissed (life defined) by Sweetwater for Moda in misty grey. My next big project is a king sized quilt for our bed in shades of grey, white & maybe a little black. So I'm am starting to collect grey fabrics now.

What a way to brighten my day!!!

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Monday, March 28, 2011

H is for Harper

All in 1 year (2011) I have 6 friends in my biblestudy that are pregnant, 1 sister in law with a 2 week old newborn, my sister due in 6 weeks & a very close friend due in July as well... Hoping to add 1 more friend to the preggo list before the year is out. that makes for A LOT of baby showers !!!
My friend Jackie's shower was yesterday (she's the 1st out of our biblestudy due). I did low key for this shower- went in with 2 friends on a carseat cover & I then made her a set of 6 burpcloths. A gal in my quilting group made some super cute burpcloths out of just flannel - how easy! SO i just followed her sample. All 6 burp cloths were different designs and in pink and green fabrics on the white flannel, with green & white polka dot flannel on back. Jackie loved them & I loved making them! They measured 12"x 20" long.

Sorry for the bad lighting(camera flash batteries were dying on me & didn't notice until it was too late!)

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Janet's cancer quilt

Over the weekend I finished up a quilt that Karen ordered a few weeks back for her Aunt Janet who is currently battling cancer. She gave me some wonderful scriptures and family photos that I incorporated along with several Moda fabrics- From the Blush line- Cherish in Milk Chocolate, Moda Eva Lavish Wood Grain in Duchess (pink), Blush - Charmed Sky blue grunge & a basic black/white polka dots. I did some simple large blocks of just fabric, a few bento blocks that had 3 fabrics, and majority of the blocks were the photo blocks which incorporated both photos & scriptures along with the fabrics. Each block measured 13 1/2" square- finished quilt came to about 43" X 70" - a nice size lap quilt for Janet.

I backed the quilt with some warm pink flannel & left over fabrics.

I found a fun little place to photograph the quilt yesterday. I hate photographing early in the day, the sun is so harsh, but I was kid free so I had no choice! ha!
I came across this HUGE old tree that is currently completely covered in blooming wisteria. (MMM did it smell glorious!) Found a broken down fence perfect to throw the quilt over, however it was WINDY! Not ideal for pictures, but what does it matter- I think the quilt speaks for itself!
The quilt is currently in route to it's new home. Praying for Janet's victory over cancer. Hoping in the mean time she knows just how loved she is by her family and that this quilt brings her physical and emotional warmth :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Picking up the slack...

Last Friday my BFF & I took of work & headed to Dallas for the-

This was our first quilt show! We really enjoyed it. Well I always enjoy shopping with Jes no matter what, so her company just made it more enjoyable!
There was a lot to take in- so many gorgeous fabrics, amazing quilts & tons of new sewing notions that would love to litter my craft room. New sewing machine? Yes please! take your pick! 'dream on sister!' says my bank account- maybe next year.

I'm getting Jes into quilting, she is really into apparel sewing & I'm definitely the quilter. Funny how we both have such a love for sewing, but 2 very different aspects. she went with an open mind- I went with an open checkbook and a shopping list..... Which I completely got overwhelmed & forgot about all together. Oops!

Jes found a book that's right up her alley and even got the author to sign it! Too cool!

Quilts were hung on just about every wall---- so much to look at!

There were quilts that inspired me for another project...

(Inspiration was everywhere you looked!)

There were quilts that reminded me of someone... ( my mother in law would love this one!)

There were quilts that looked like paintings....

There were quilts that looked super easy..

And ones that are not so easy! (a piecing nightmare if you ask me!)

Loved this T shirt quilt!

Beautiful cross quilt- I've never seen one like this - love it!

I came home with a list of new projects..

...not a single item crossed off my shopping list.....

But I did come home with a new charm pack & about 15 new fat quarters...

And 1 VERY warn out Jes. I guess this goes down in the books that I can outshop Jes!!

Now I'm just desperately needing a retreat weekend to get all these projects done!

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