Friday, April 29, 2011

Why computers are dangerous...

Yesterday, I bought loads of fabric. Today(tonight), I buy 2 quilting books on Amazon. I really need to step away from the computer and stop purchasing things. I also need a new credit card- preferably one with numbers I don't have memorized. O_o

Computers are dangerous friends. dangerous to your bank account. this only happens to me when I stay up late. I don't need an alarm clock to wake up in the mornings (that's what a 2 & 4 year old are for!) but I do need an alarm clock to tell me to go to bed! ha!

I have finally decided to grow my quilting library by a few (it's a sad library right now) books- I've been eyeing these 2 for some time I just have to wait until next week to get them in my hot little hands! (I'm too cheap to pay for 2 day shipping sadly!)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

is it Grey or Gray?

I love the color grey! It is GREY to me.... it's like a diet version of black, but so soothing. I only wish it were as flattering to wear as black! Okay enough of how much I love the color grey, or gray...

I have been contemplating for months making a quilt for our king size idea is grey tones with a LITTLE bit of yellow. We recently repainted our bedroom a very pale grey color, curtains are white, and I just bought this bedspread from Ikea:

My idea was to make a nice throw quilt for color (a whole lot less work than making a king size quilt) AND bonus- if I ever get bored of the color- I can change it.....oh I'm liking the sound of that more and more...I can change it out with the seasons! What a concept!
Okay now I'm rambling...
SO TODAY i FINALLY bit the bullet and ordered all my fabrics I've been tagging on Pintrest!

Fabrics shown are:
Ty Pennington Way in Gray
Heather Moore Cloud9 Cut out and keep Avenues
Joel Dewberry Damask
Michael Miller Posh Paisley in yellow
Silent Cinema Featurette in grey (by Janean Morrison)
Ty Pennington water flowers in grey
Joel Dewberry Aviary 2 woodgrain in yellow (i LOVE LOVE LOVE this fabric!)
Moda sunkissed Life defined in Grey
Joel Dewberry Aviary 2 lodge lattice in yellow
Patty Young Sanctuary/Zen Garden in Grey
I also have some Kona cotton solids in grey and white that I will also add in.

Now for the hard part--- the DESIGN!
yikes! I get so overwhelmed by the idea of a design I rarely make up my mind! So thankful for Flickr to browse thru so many talented quilters pictures for inspiration! If you are not on flickr- you MUST join now!
here are a few quilts that are really inspiring me as far as design ideas:

I'm really debating between the 2nd & 3rd design, but they are all so beautiful! decisions decisions!

 Baby boy quilt

Meadowsweet 2 quilt

Kitchen Window Quilt

which is similar in design to:

Baby Bricks Quilt

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Baby bedding round 2

My sister is due at the end of next month (adding another boy to our family) and of course I offered to do the bedding as well. We had a shower for my sis on Sunday afternoon & I have to tell ya...this time around was under some serious time crunch. We got in our last batch of ordered fabric on Wednesday (5 days before the shower) Thursday & Friday my church hosted an amazing women's conference that I didn't want to miss out on, evenings were filled with client meetings, my dad came into town & our whole family walked the race for the cure on Saturday morning as well. somehow I manage to get a crib bumper & crib skirt put together in that time.

Oh and if I wasn't busy enough, my husband has been doing construction in my office/sewing room on top of it all. How I managed all that, made baby bedding in this mess & prepped for the shower (not @ my house thank the lord!) really mustve happened only by the grace of God!

Office under construction & everything pushed to the middle of the room.

Managed to wedge my sewing machine by my computer desk, set up a cutting mat on the floor & my ironing station in the kitchen. so glad it's done now :) pictures coming in another post.

Amy wanted overstuffed bumpers, so these puppies are like pillows.

Layered & ruffles Crib skirt. Love the green swirl. Can't wait until it is all put together in baby Brody's room.

One side of the bumper is chocolate minky & the other side is the paisley print.

I used chocolate brown ribbon to use as the bumper ties.

Another post soon about creating this fun bedding and finished pictures to come soon!

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