Saturday, July 31, 2010

Birthday quilt for Analisa

One of my best friends' birthday is today. I thought I'd put in a ton of time for her birthday present & started this quilt earlier this month to have it done in time. I love it and so does she!
Happy Birthday Analisa!

The size is about a throw quilt, lap quilt, finished up dimensions are around 45" across, 63" down. I used different fabrics of blues, greens, browns & white. and a little animal print. Very much her personality & favorite colors. This was my first filmstrip quilt (which now i LOVE!) and i used Crazy Mom Quilts tutorial on filmstrip quilts. to break up the blocks a bit, I did a different style of quilting. Instead of stippling I did all circles. Reminds me of water...which Analisa loves the beach. So it's perfect for her :)

Happy Birthday friend!!!!!



Sunday, July 25, 2010

Reused & Repurposed Vintage metal dinner trays

I bought these old metal red checkered dinner trays last year & set them up in Mason & Maddox's room as memo boards (I bought 3) I finally finished 'finding' the right things to add to them. The boys' room is a vintage car/driving theme. I'm orginally from southern California & my husband is a Texas boy, so we merged the 2- a little route 66, but mostly just overall vintage cars & driving. We have quite a few old license plates & road signs up, but I'm also adding in some personalized things of the boys & pictures as well.
The items I added to the repurposed dinner trays (can you believe I didn't even want to paint them!? they are perfectly worn & the color is a great pop in their room.) are:
-old California postcards (specifically from along Highway 1)
-hot wheel cars that I turned into magnets
-dublin dr pepper bottle tops turned into magnets
-vintage license plates (I belive might be old motorcycle plates)
-pictures of the boys
-printed map scrapbook paper- but only because I haven't found the right old map I want to use just yet...
I think they add a lot to the different spots in their room!

I still have a few frames to fill & I have a great photo just for Mason I took last week when we were down south- I think I need to add it in somewhere!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

"Georgia" quilted floral playmat

I came across 2 great tutorials recently & I merged them together & think the outcome is my favorite play mat yet!!! A girlfriend of mine placed an order for a play mat & thankfully she trusts my judgement, because look how great it looks!


too bad I can't keep this one for myself!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ruffled Koozie Coat

Koozie Coat, originally uploaded by ArtsyFartsyDesigns.

a little extreme in the girliness...but i just had to see how it would come out! Thinking i might try something a little simpler tomorrow!

Leopard Koozie Coat

Leopard Koozie Coat, originally uploaded by ArtsyFartsyDesigns.

Who doesn't love that look of advertisements on the feebie koozies you have? ME, that's who! But koozies seem to be almost mandatory in Texas summers.
My BFF & I were trying to figure out how to girlify our koozies for an upcoming river trip. She attempted to attack a koozie with my bedazzler, which didn't turn out pretty.
My inner creative junkie gears got turning and contemplated over hot glue, super glue, wonder under, fabric glue.....obviously we need something waterproof for our upcoming trip...i finally came up with it today- VELCRO! My husband just rolled his eyes and said he's happy with his Batman koozie and told me I better not bedazzle it. haha!
I finished up 2 of my "Koozie Coats" tonight- what do you think? Do you want a tutorial soon?
I told my BFF we can NOW bedazzle it. :)

A girlie Throw quilt

M & L's throw quilt, originally uploaded by ArtsyFartsyDesigns.

last fall 2 friends of mine had their commitment ceremony & a totally fun reception. I mentioned to Melody I had started a quilt & I'd finish it soon....9 months later....I actually just wanted them to forget about it before I surprised them with it !
I used their wedding colors and did a pretty simple block design, however in the quilting I did mostly stippling, but also some large flowers!
Last month Oh Fransson! did a tutorial on quilting flowers, when I saw that I just had to try it! and I knew it'd snazz up this quilt too. the back is just a simple chocolate brown. The binding is the pink & brown damask.
SO glad another project finished! (especially before another is started!) Are you as guilty as I am about that??

Thursday, July 8, 2010

2nd finished quilt-the Picnic Quilt

Here is my 2nd finished quilt in the last 2 weeks..I'm on a roll here--wonder how many more I can get finished this summer?
I posted this one from my phone over the weekend, but the picture didn't do it justice, so I finally got around to photographing it with my Nikon. I was excited we got to use our new picnic quilt on the 4th of July to watch fireworks! it was perfect :)

The quilt measures about 65" X 65"



Finished Texas Aggie Quilt

My friend Jennifer is a big time Aggie. Her 2nd baby is due in August so the transition for J to move to his big boy room is right around the corner to make room for his new baby brother. I've been helping her clear out and decorate his new room with vintage A&M items they have so of course we collaborated with fabrics & I also personalized the quilt for him as well. Can't wait to get a picture of it in his finished room!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Only 40 blocks to sew in this stack..

ONLY 40's more than it seems when there are 4 pieces to each block to sew together...I was about 1/3 into my stack when I took this..loving the color scheme!

I've finished 2 quilts in the past 2 weeks & already onto my next ! I'm off this week (and the boys too) I'm hoping to get quite a few projects finished, we'll see how that goes!
I'll post pictures later today of my 2 recent finished quilts, but for now here's my project table with the beginning of a mess!

Nana's Birthday Present

Last Monday was Nana's Birthday (my husband's grandmother) and I'm not sure if anyone appreciates the things I make as much as her :) She hangs out in her office a lot in 'her chair' so i thought I would make her a cute pillow with a removable pillow case. So I made her a simple quilted pillowcase with the boys hands stitched on. I didn't do a tutorial because honestly, I didn't know how it'd turn out!
I think it came out pretty cute though & she's already put it to good use.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Another finished !

Finally (strong emphasis on finally) finished my picnic quilt! Finished it measures about 65" x 65". The colors are aqua blue, seafoam green & chocolate brown.


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