Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Leopard Koozie Coat

Leopard Koozie Coat, originally uploaded by ArtsyFartsyDesigns.

Who doesn't love that look of advertisements on the feebie koozies you have? ME, that's who! But koozies seem to be almost mandatory in Texas summers.
My BFF & I were trying to figure out how to girlify our koozies for an upcoming river trip. She attempted to attack a koozie with my bedazzler, which didn't turn out pretty.
My inner creative junkie gears got turning and contemplated over hot glue, super glue, wonder under, fabric glue.....obviously we need something waterproof for our upcoming trip...i finally came up with it today- VELCRO! My husband just rolled his eyes and said he's happy with his Batman koozie and told me I better not bedazzle it. haha!
I finished up 2 of my "Koozie Coats" tonight- what do you think? Do you want a tutorial soon?
I told my BFF we can NOW bedazzle it. :)

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