Saturday, July 31, 2010

Birthday quilt for Analisa

One of my best friends' birthday is today. I thought I'd put in a ton of time for her birthday present & started this quilt earlier this month to have it done in time. I love it and so does she!
Happy Birthday Analisa!

The size is about a throw quilt, lap quilt, finished up dimensions are around 45" across, 63" down. I used different fabrics of blues, greens, browns & white. and a little animal print. Very much her personality & favorite colors. This was my first filmstrip quilt (which now i LOVE!) and i used Crazy Mom Quilts tutorial on filmstrip quilts. to break up the blocks a bit, I did a different style of quilting. Instead of stippling I did all circles. Reminds me of water...which Analisa loves the beach. So it's perfect for her :)

Happy Birthday friend!!!!!