Tuesday, October 26, 2010

almost there...

so I'm still working on my Vintage kitchen quilt... I have it 1/2 stippled. and this quilt, as much as I love it, just reminds me HOW much I hate to stipple. I really prefer my walking foot and doing clean lines. I really think this quilt needs to be stippled, but man is it a beating! I'm really hoping to sit down and finish it tomorrow during nap time.
Do you want to know how much i hate stippling? I've actually procrastinated from it and started a 2nd quilt top. I'm NOT the type to have UFO's. Although I won't let myself piece together the new quilt top until I'm done with the vintage kitchen quilt.
Flickr is a new addiction I have and there are so many quilt groups on there with so much inspiration & eye candy that I'm checking it everyday. So my inspiration for the next quilt is the Plain Spoken quilt. I love the simplicity. So I have everything cut, and I did my layout last night, but I won't piece it yet...must...finish....stippling...first!
Anyway, because I'm cheap, I didn't buy the Plain Spoken pattern at all, I just came up with my own dimensions.... The picture is taken with my iphone well past 12 am so the colors are not right. I'm using olive green, deep berry, navy, deep red, grey, chocolate brown & khaki. There really is no yellow in the quilt. I'm thinking I might sash the quilt with a light grey or navy & bind it with either the same or opposite color. haven't decided yet! I'm really into the navy blues & light greys right now...and I also have no idea what color thread to quilt it with- any suggestions?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ready Set Go!

I LOVE this crib quilt! It came out SO stinkin' cute! it was a great scrap buster. I appliqued on the letters & bunting banner. The quilting I should have just done straight lines (i'm really into that right now!) but I did some squiggles & loops.

Out on a limb...

crib quilt 1 of 2 for this week....
I saw this cute kids art piece last week & it inspired this little crib quilt. (top left hand corner piece) The birds are appliqued on and their legs are a yellow zig zag stitch. Debating about appliqueing on some wording... maybe "Hanging out" or something of the sort. What do you think?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Onto the next....

I am *still* waiting on dearest Sara for a few blocks to add into Mimi's quilt so I haven't started piecing it yet. Hopefully it will be next week though! IN the mean time....of course I need something to do besides laundry!
This next quilt I'm calling the vintage kitchen quilt. Strange yes, but in the past 2 years my taste in well....anything has rather changed. My taste has always reflected my husband's taste- modern, contemporary, clean lines, bold colors (mostly red) and add in some textures. My kitchen is currently filled with white square dishes (with beading along the edges), and lots of modern red glassware. My next house won't. Well I'll keep the white, but add in COLOR! and those amazing vintage colors!
Back to my story...all of a sudden a couple of years ago I get bored with Red. IMAGINE THAT. don't get me wrong, i still like it...but all of a sudden I'm inspired by other colors and I start wearing bright colored jewelry, de-clutter any excess red in my kitchen and start buying random pieces of vintage furniture and my husband doesn't know what to do with me! He hates it...and I love it. If you ask me what my style & taste is like now? I'd say "Vintage". with some color & texture.
I came across some fabrics that just really got my gears going- It's taking me longer than I expected to piece this quilt together, but when it's done it'll be awesome as usual. It's a design I haven't done yet so I'm excited to finish piecing it together. I'm about 3/4 the way done with the top piece. So stay tuned!
Just for some eye candy- here's some inspiration for my vintage kitchen quilt!

November 17th- Be there!

I will be at Mom's rock 2 event again this year on November 17th- make sure you're there 2!

Vintage Blue Quilt completed!

Remember I showed you this quilt I started? Last week I finished the vintage blue quilt. I'm absolutely thrilled with it and know my mother in law will love it too. It is backed with white flannel so I know she'll appreciate the warmth! Can't wait to give it to her at Christmas! I'm thinking I'll wrap it up this week so it won't get used or dirty ;)

All the blue fabrics date from the 1940's to late 1960's. Most were all scraps that were in a tub found in my Grandmother-in-law's attic. I'm glad to put them to use! The stitching & quilting I did were simple double lines to mimick bead board. I thought it would add to the 'vintage' feel of it. I also binded it with navy/white polka dots.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Jackson & Jaxson

I'm coming to find out that Jackson/Jaxson is a very popular name these days! Here are 2 quilted playmats I've recently made in the past few weeks.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sneak peek!

First off I'm so excited to say I've sold my first quilt ever on Etsy!!! Yesterday I got to send my EatPrayLove quilt to it's new home in KY! It's kind of helped motivate me to actually try and finish the book. I'm really not this bad about finishing books....I just can't get into this one but I'm really trying! I'm no quitter, so just out of my nature I'm determined to finish!