Wednesday, September 29, 2010

a little blue

Onto my next quilt! it's for my mother in law for Christmas. She LOVES blue. She collects old cobalt blue dishes & serving pieces and glassware. Blue is her signature color. Her Mom/my husband's grandmother gave me a tub of vintage fabrics. It mostly contained scrap pieces, some 2" X 2", some as much as a fat quarter. Come to find out most of it was HER mother's fabric stash, so my husband's GREAT grandmother. Genealogy is also a big hobby in the family, Dee- my Mother in Law flew to Norway this past summer to do some family research if that tells you anything about how much of a hobby it is! So obviously the importance of family heirlooms runs high on her list, I thought I would use all the varying shades of blue scraps belonging to her mother & grandmother & make them into a quilt for her.
My one catch is not having enough fabric to do the binding, and I'm pretty set on using navy blue with white polka dots. So now I'm on the search for true VINTAGE navy with white polka dots. Shouldn't be too hard to find hopefully!

I'm also considering backing the quilt with flannel, which makes me nervous..I've never quilted with flannel. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions? Should I not be concerned? I haven't decided if I want the quilting to be stippled or stitch in the ditch quite yet... decisions, decisions!

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