Tuesday, October 26, 2010

almost there...

so I'm still working on my Vintage kitchen quilt... I have it 1/2 stippled. and this quilt, as much as I love it, just reminds me HOW much I hate to stipple. I really prefer my walking foot and doing clean lines. I really think this quilt needs to be stippled, but man is it a beating! I'm really hoping to sit down and finish it tomorrow during nap time.
Do you want to know how much i hate stippling? I've actually procrastinated from it and started a 2nd quilt top. I'm NOT the type to have UFO's. Although I won't let myself piece together the new quilt top until I'm done with the vintage kitchen quilt.
Flickr is a new addiction I have and there are so many quilt groups on there with so much inspiration & eye candy that I'm checking it everyday. So my inspiration for the next quilt is the Plain Spoken quilt. I love the simplicity. So I have everything cut, and I did my layout last night, but I won't piece it yet...must...finish....stippling...first!
Anyway, because I'm cheap, I didn't buy the Plain Spoken pattern at all, I just came up with my own dimensions.... The picture is taken with my iphone well past 12 am so the colors are not right. I'm using olive green, deep berry, navy, deep red, grey, chocolate brown & khaki. There really is no yellow in the quilt. I'm thinking I might sash the quilt with a light grey or navy & bind it with either the same or opposite color. haven't decided yet! I'm really into the navy blues & light greys right now...and I also have no idea what color thread to quilt it with- any suggestions?

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