Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vintage Kitchen Quilt Finished!

SO glad this is done! I love the stacked stripe quilts- but it sure did take a long time! Probably doesn't help I stippled large loops (and mirrored them). Stippling isn't my biggest strength (but at least I'm working on it!) and I really think this quilt needed it despite all the lines. For the back, I did the simple aqua blue dots to contrast with the muted orange binding.
I'm happy with the outcome and I LOVE LOVE LOVE these fabrics and colors!

It will be listed on Etsy soon!


Rossie said...

gorgeous quilt!

ktquilts said...

Saw this quilt in a flkr group, popped over because of your name, loved "eat , pray, quilt", and decided to follow after I saw the cancer sucks button. (Oh how it does!) Love your quilt, and I am off to snoop around your blog.


April said...

thanks :) Don't you love flickr? I always find inspiration overload on there. it's so very addicting!