Friday, November 19, 2010

Yet another banner crib quilt

I also worked on this quilt at the retreat a couple of weeks back. It's a crib size quilt- I used basic white muslin as the quilt & when I quilted it I used a decorative stitch (just looked like large squiggles) that was preset on my sewing machine. So essentially I was sewing straight lines, just the machine & needle were doing all the work. That was the most time consuming part, but I'm pretty happy with how it came out. I took it to the retreat and added all the banners & appliqued on the bunting/banners and the letters as well. I've always machine stitched on my binding, but I finally googled and youtube'd enough to figure out how to hand stitch the binding. I'm pretty proud of myself! After washing it, from the decorative stitch quilting, it came out really cool with the way the quilt gathers after washing.

Speaking of google & youtube - the other day someone asked me who taught me how to quilt- I replied with "Google." HAHA it's the truth! I'd love to take some various quilting classes, but I honestly just don't have time. So google & youtube it is :)

This crib quilt has just been listed on Etsy!

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