Tuesday, November 9, 2010

1st DMQG Retreat!

I attended my first quilt retreat this past weekend! I started attending the Dallas Modern Quilt Guild monthly meetings over the summer & even though I only knew 1 person in the group- I've gotten to know these ladies. SO I signed up for the their 1st annual retreat and it was so fun! Next year I will plan better & go for the entire weekend. The retreat started friday thru sunday afternoon. I wasn't able to get there until late Friday night & had to leave early on Sunday- so next year I'll plan ahead better.
After FINALLY arriving late on friday night & only going 15 minutes out of the way- GPS wasn't working, phone was about to die & it was DARK out, I'm surprised I actually found the place! Compass Centre is in Mount Calm, Tx- about 30 miles outside of Hillsboro. What a great facility. They provide all the necessities including yummy meals, beds and of course a really great work room.
I stayed up pretty late on Friday night, determined to catch up for all my lost time & get 1 project accomplished. I finished my 1st quilt top by 1 am & finally headed to bed. I slept great and woke up ON my own (no 3 year old or cats waking me up!) just after 9 & got cleaned up and headed straight for my sewing machine. I was almost giddy I had the ENTIRE day to work. 16 hours is what I spent besides eating meals, bathroom breaks & took a short walk after dinner. oh and i took a 15 min break for a quick photo shoot before dinner too. Getting to know such wonderful ladies was probably the best part. I loved getting that extra hour with the time change. I took full advantage of it!
Sunday morning, (after going to bed pretty late again) I woke up early at 7:30 (sounds of deer season isn't the most pleasant & probably heard 20 shots in 15 minutes.) I figured Bambi was on the run, so I should get to it as well. I had to leave after brunch, so I got a good hour or 2 of work in before breakfast & had to head out shortly after. Even though I felt my time was short at the retreat- I really got a lot done!
I accomplished:
2 quilt tops
1 quilt back
1 crib quilt
started 1 tickertape quilt (basted & started sewing on the scraps)
Not too bad!
I really can't wait until the next retreat- it was so fun! Lots of good food, conversation, learned some new techniques and came home with some new friends.
The Compass Centre

These are 2 of the sweet babies that live on the property. Forgot the cats name, but I swear I heard the dog's name is Pyrex. But I could be mistaken. But if not- i love it! haha They were so sweet & the dog could be my dog's twin. They accompanied me anytime I went outside for a walk.

What a nice break it was to get away from the city! The sunset was gorgeous and the stars at night were AMAZING!

Walking the property with my 2 companions. Sweet babies!

Heading down a country road for a nice walk with the dog. Saw some deer and then heard lots of gunshots. So we headed back.

On my walk after dinner. Nice sunset.

Inside the work room on the design wall- finished my 1st quilt top. LOVED these design walls, now I have to figure out how to have one for myself.

Went for a quick drive before dinner and found these old abandoned buildings. I would have loved to investigate further, however trouble is more fun in pairs. So i did my photo shoot & headed back.
Quilt hanging on the metal gate.

Quilt top again.

My other quilt top on the design wall

Jenna, Juanita & Lori working away

We had such a great set up!

Fabrics galore every where you looked :)

After seeing some items these ladies brought, my christmas list has doubled with quilting items!

Can't wait for next year's retreat!


vintagemodernquilts | Lisa said...

April, it was so much fun getting to know you more! I love your photos.

I'm thinking that we're going to have to make the retreat a twice-a-year event. So much fun!

Juanita said...

Get retreat post. I'd be happy to be your sidekick in adventures and photo shoots next retreat. Such good times!

Tapestry Tree said...

It was so fun to spend some time with you at the retreat! I agree with Lisa, that we are going to have to make this a twice a year occasion! Your quilts are amazing and inspiring and I can't wait to see what you come up with next.

April said...

Oh yes please! Twice a year would be great!! all the DMQG ladies are so sweet, and even though I didn't really know anyone very well going, I'm so glad I did! Everyone is so nice....and sweet!

Sounds like a great plan Juanita! :-D