Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Baby bedding round 2

My sister is due at the end of next month (adding another boy to our family) and of course I offered to do the bedding as well. We had a shower for my sis on Sunday afternoon & I have to tell ya...this time around was under some serious time crunch. We got in our last batch of ordered fabric on Wednesday (5 days before the shower) Thursday & Friday my church hosted an amazing women's conference that I didn't want to miss out on, evenings were filled with client meetings, my dad came into town & our whole family walked the race for the cure on Saturday morning as well. somehow I manage to get a crib bumper & crib skirt put together in that time.

Oh and if I wasn't busy enough, my husband has been doing construction in my office/sewing room on top of it all. How I managed all that, made baby bedding in this mess & prepped for the shower (not @ my house thank the lord!) really mustve happened only by the grace of God!

Office under construction & everything pushed to the middle of the room.

Managed to wedge my sewing machine by my computer desk, set up a cutting mat on the floor & my ironing station in the kitchen. so glad it's done now :) pictures coming in another post.

Amy wanted overstuffed bumpers, so these puppies are like pillows.

Layered & ruffles Crib skirt. Love the green swirl. Can't wait until it is all put together in baby Brody's room.

One side of the bumper is chocolate minky & the other side is the paisley print.

I used chocolate brown ribbon to use as the bumper ties.

Another post soon about creating this fun bedding and finished pictures to come soon!

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Whitney said...

what did you use for your filler on those adorable crib bumpers? This is the look that I want, but can't find any fillers to use!


Whitney @