Monday, March 28, 2011

H is for Harper

All in 1 year (2011) I have 6 friends in my biblestudy that are pregnant, 1 sister in law with a 2 week old newborn, my sister due in 6 weeks & a very close friend due in July as well... Hoping to add 1 more friend to the preggo list before the year is out. that makes for A LOT of baby showers !!!
My friend Jackie's shower was yesterday (she's the 1st out of our biblestudy due). I did low key for this shower- went in with 2 friends on a carseat cover & I then made her a set of 6 burpcloths. A gal in my quilting group made some super cute burpcloths out of just flannel - how easy! SO i just followed her sample. All 6 burp cloths were different designs and in pink and green fabrics on the white flannel, with green & white polka dot flannel on back. Jackie loved them & I loved making them! They measured 12"x 20" long.

Sorry for the bad lighting(camera flash batteries were dying on me & didn't notice until it was too late!)

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pam said...

The burpcloths are precious. Really like the color and ruffles.