Saturday, May 28, 2011

my time out

My boys are out of school this week & you'd think I'd have something fun planned for them. sadly, instead I had other plans. Wednesday we had granite countertops installed, Friday we had the backsplash installed & today the house is being painted- all prep to put the house on the market. so it's been quite a fun week for me as you can imagine!
My father in law picked up my boys this morning so they would be out of the house while it's being painted, which has also given me a much needed break, or maybe it's a Mommy time out. ;)
So.... How do you think I've spent 3/4 of my free time? Fabric shopping of course! a few baby quilts are in the works right now. I only did a little damage today..

I picked up a jelly roll of It's a Hoot, some yardage from the same line, a spool of sulky variegated yellow thread, some refill of my fav spray starch, a new 1/4" piecing foot and also the ugliest fat quarter I could find.
I'm excited for the DMQG June meeting as we're doing an Ugly fat quarter swap & then making that into a ugly fat quarter challenge to see who can come up with a fun way to revamp it! I'm excited! I think I did a pretty good job on picking an ugly fat quarter. I'm so sorry to who gets mine

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