Sunday, September 25, 2011

Procrastinatitis- it's an illness...

My best friend's baby shower is this coming weekend....of course I'm doing her baby bedding, which is not finished .... yet. Bumper is complete. Quilt top is complete. so I have to do the skirt & finish the quilt. yikes. It's 1 week away. I know I can get it done...however the next 9 days will be complete chaos in my mind although I might not show it. I have my regular work this week, as well as my freelance work, so a VERY busy week for me, and 2 days after Jes' shower - we move! yikes! Needless to say my plate is full. and about to spill!
OH did I mention I'm also HOSTING her shower?? ha, I can hear you laughing now.... well thankfully Jes has some wonderful friends who offered to help host as well, and these girls are really pulling through for me.
So wouldn't you know it, Friday night I hit a creative wall...well really i just couldn't decide how i wanted to design her darn crib skirt. I know i'm being picky & just need to do it already, but I just want it to be perfect. of course. I have the fabrics & all. It'll come to me in my sleep, i just know it! ;-)
So just keep laughing....I haven't bought any new fabrics in quite a while as I wanted to finish some unfinished projects before splurging anymore. I've done SO great...until yesterday... stopped by my LQS and I've always wanted a fall themed quilt that I could leave out all season long, well i came across a great combination I paired together (didn't even have a quilt design in mind yet)
I really love the precuts that Moda designs, but sadly this LQS doesn't carry many, so I just paired what I thought would make a great combination.

home elements in orange by mark limpinski for northcott fabrics

Joel Dewberry Woodgrain in Green

Four All Seasons- Fall by Andover Fabrics (Kim Schaefer)

Yellow diagonal check by Moda Lily & Will

Halloween Night Dot Black/Orange by Minick & Simpson for Moda

Just enough fall tones, the colors are out of my normal range (I am not an orange kinda girl!) but the Black & orange polka dots give it just enough for halloween too :)

So i really expected it'd sit on my shelf & not get done until the very end of fall- well....sadly last night, I was so inspired by these new fabrics and procrastinated so much- what did I do???? i finished my quilt top. and just to make it I pieced the back! This is awful, procrastinating..... almost like a sickness...I mean who is this productive when they procrastinate?? I'm not going to allow myself to baste it until after I finish Jes' quilt. girl scouts honor!
I am proud of myself however, for actually using a quilt pattern out of a book I bought a few months ago- Camille Roskelley's book 'Simplify' I used the "Little Man" pattern. But I've just doubled the pattern really..and added an extra border too.

Now I'm really motivated to finish that baby bedding so I can quilt this new baby! I've decided it's going to be a housewarming gift.....FOR MYSELF! it'll be the 1st quilt I finish in our new house. I'm excited to get to snuggle up under it soon with my 3 guys with some cooler weather soon!

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Juanita said...

You rock! That is one very cool procrastination project! And an awesome housewarming gift :)