Sunday, February 13, 2011

Serger fun!

So this past Monday night my friend Jes & I took a serger class and learned all the parts of the machine, how it works and pretty much the basic functions. We also signed up for 2 other serger classes coming up within the next few weeks. My serger knowledge is pretty basic right now, but at least I'm learning my machine and have made a few things this week!

A friend from facebook asked if I could make her some wet bags since she uses cloth diapers for her daughter. I made her a large 20" X 27" bag, and a smaller one for her diaper bag, about 10" X 10".

The larger bag:

PVC free PUL lining inside:

Larger & smaller bag match...

Smaller bag with wrist handle:

I had in my stash of fabrics 2 3T t shirts that I knew would be too small for my niece since she is now 4. So I added some fabric and made her a cute shirt/dress that she could wear with leggings or shorts underneath. Yellow isn't quite my niece's color, so the other I made for my friend Jill's little girl. I have made a few of these before getting my serger, and just on my sewing machine, but with my serger it is 100X's easier and quicker!

for Rilee:

For Kaia:

My sister brought over 2 pairs of jeans for me to play around with for Rilee, here is the 1st pair that I finished. Hot PINK is her favorite color, so I thought this was fitting!

Kaia loved her yellow dress so much, Jill said she was sleeping in it at night and wanted to wear it during the day too. I suggested if she had any shirts that were too short for Kaia, pull them out and we'll go fabric shopping. So that's what we did on Saturday & during naptime, I whipped up 4 little dresses for her. They each took about 15-20 minutes. Super easy and so fun!

I'm really loving my serger! NOW back to sewing and quilting, I've got some deadlines coming up for the 2 I'm working on!


Kristi Kelly said...

Love them all!! Great job....I LOVE my is super addictive huh!!!!

Anonymous said...

A serger class sounds like a smart idea. I love having the option, but I'm always crossing my fingers that the threading/tension won't go wonky on me, since I'm a tad intimidated/mystified by how it works.

Jenny said...

Nice blog. Just found your blog looking up ticker tape quilts. I'm in love with my serger. My biggest issue is knowing which machine to use once I get serging. I just want to keep serging!