Friday, May 13, 2011

Doll Quilt bedding

Are you ready for some hot pink?

last month I finished a full size quilt for my niece Rilee. I reused all of her crib bedding into the quilt. The green paisley was one side of her crib bumper, the green polka dot was her crib sheets, the light pink scroll was the other side of her crib bumper. We added in the zebra to make it a little more big girl for her. I added zebra into her curtain panels and also to the bottom of her crib skirt, which we extended and make into a bed skirt! Talk about being green and recycling right?

I then decided at some point I'd make her a matching doll quilt bedding set. I bought the duktig doll bed at Ikea a few weeks ago. Wednesday was a gloomy day here and expected a lot of rain. I knew my boys would take a good nap, so I figured that day was a good day to do it!

I started with assembling the bed.

Then put on 2 coats of hot pink acrylic paint.
Next, I made a fitted sheet to fit over the mattress (which was just a piece of foam) I haven't made any fitted sheets before, so I used a tutorial from Dana Made it

Then used all scraps from her full size quilt to make this sweet doll quilt!

I then made a basic pillowcase (used an extra piece of foam for the pillow)
I thought it really needed a few throw pillow, just to make sure it look right!

I LOVE how it all turned out- so sweet! I can't wait to give it to my niece when she becomes a big sister next week! I love recycling, being green- and not to mention this was a much quicker project than I expected! All completed in 1 afternoon !

And JUST as I was finishing up this blog post, I turn around from my computer and WHAT do I find???? my little stinker of a siamese cat, decided it was perfect for her! HAHA couldn't help but laugh out loud at her! I think she's telling me she wants one too!


Anne said...

Perfect for a little girl! Great work, April.

Machteld said...

That's so sweet!!! I love the pink and green combination and the little pillows :-)

Anonymous said...

Do you have suggestions on where to start with making bedding from baby bedding? Love the idea! My email is