Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Coming up for air ! (with a quilt!)

I'm alive! Not only did I survive that insane weekend of weddings, but my BFF's baby shower (with completed baby bedding & a quilt!) and also moving 2 days later!
we've now been in our new house 1 week & sadly I haven't touched my machine since moving it in. My craft room is still in boxes. Boy am I anxious to quilt my fall quilt ! I've got a few more boxes & rooms to set up before I can get to that though.

enough of that- I must show off a very special quilt! my BFF is due later this month with a baby girl (who I am hoping will be my future daughter in law- I'm a mom of 2 boys- I can hope right??) I have been eagerly waiting for this little blessing for our sweet friends for the last 5 years & she'll now be here shortly. so making her bedding & such a sweet quilt really meant something special to me! and what a quilt to finish off the 2011 baby quilts with !

A fairly simple quilt, but wow do the colors pop with this simple design!

I really racked my brain on quilt designs... For Jes' birthday last year I made this vintage kitchen inspired quilt - I knew I had to make another stacked stripe quilt, but for Kinsley. I know how much jes cherishes my quilt, I was hoping Jes would get the connection with the pattern ;)

Quilting on this quilt was such a breeze, I think I'm really mastering stippling & meandering. I've always done my own quilting but sometimes I get a hiccup in the process, but I'm proud to say- the last 4 quilts I've mastered my technique- what a great feeling that is! I did a very tight stipple design on this quilt.

Mommy to be & Kinsley's quilt

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shelia said...

your future dil and her momma will be thrilled! love the colors :)