Sunday, November 6, 2011

2nd Annual DMQG Retreat

I just got home yesterday from our 2nd annual Dallas Modern Quilt Guild Retreat- We stayed at the Compass Center again and had a great time! I stayed all 3 nights this time and feel like I got so much accomplished! Mount Calm, Texas is such a quiet country town (which i LOVE), so of course I had to scope out some good photo op spots- and THAT i just did! Not only do I love to quilt & sew, but also explore my surroundings!

I took a break on Friday afternoon and went for a drive to scout out some places. Come to find out, this area has much more history than I thought. It was established in the 1880's, was a fairly populated area up until the depression and has basically stopped advancing since then. It is really neat to see something that is almost caught in time since the depression. (considering that was 70 years ago!)

anyway, enough of my love of seeing history- just a few minutes down FM 339 there were 2 abandoned farm houses. The first is a Queen Anne style farm house which dates from the 1880's to 1890's (not sure that this house is specifically that old, but matches the time frame and established era) and it sure looks that old!

The 2nd house seemed in worse shape, but not sure if it is older or newer. None the less, just as cool! Sure wish I wasn't so chicken, would have LOVED to explore inside, but the tiniest sound would make me jump just standing outside! Not very brave, am I!

So back to quilting! I arrived just after dinner on Thursday night, settled in and got straight to quilting my fall quilt not only did I quilt it, but I finished the binding all before turning in for the night! LOVE how it turned out!


my 2nd quilt I completed is a gift I'll be giving away to someone in a few weeks. I used Moda's French General Falalalala (maybe another lalala in there? ha!) line, which I just absolutely love!

The quilt pattern I used is this 10 minute block pattern (which half way thru I promptly named, "10 minute my ASS block"!) haha, i do believe my very LAST block took me only 10 minutes. I used a Falalalalala layer cake, very little ivory (for the border) and some yardage from the same line for the outer border, and backing. None the less, the quilt came out great, I really love everything about it, NOT to mention I pieced (both front and back!), basted, quilted and bound all in 1 day! (granted it was a very long day, but its DONE!) I can't wait to give it to it's recipient soon :)

Saturday, I worked ALL stinkin' day long on 1 quilt top and never finished it (and I even worked on Sunday until noon) there was just THAT much cutting and piecing. Hoping I'll have it completed soon.
I had such a great time sewing, hanging out with some great ladies, laughing ( A LOT!!!!), and not much relaxing! I just need a good night sleep and I'll be ready for the next retreat!


Brenda said...


Your quilts are beautiful!!!!

angie said...

Your photos are beautiful as well as your quilts! Glad I got to spend the three days with you...can't wait until next year!

Annalilly said...

Beautiful job! I'll have to tag along with you to one of the meetings soon!

April said...

Thanks Brenda!

Angie, it was great hanging out and quilting with you- you are always such a hoot!

Anne- you really need to join the DMQG it's a great group of gals!