Sunday, May 31, 2009


Something new to add to the collection-
I have 2 sizes of frames- the smaller one is about 6" X 6" and holds a 3.5" X 3.5" picture. Prices vary depending on the designs.
Larger size is about 10" X 10" and holds a 4" X 4" photo- prices vary also. The pictures don't quite do the frames justice- (sorry Gavin!) but the light brown is actually a raised texture that just adds so much to the picture frames!

Frames can always be customized as well with different words, colors, accent colors, and silver or black crosses.

Smaller frame- Black & Red Blessed Frame- double cross- colors are Black, Reds and White $20
From Artsy Fartsy Designs

This one is actually sideways. Silly husband.
Smaller Frame- Browns, Aqua and Green- $10
From Artsy Fartsy Designs

Small Frame- Brown with greens and silver cross $15 (I love this one!)
From Artsy Fartsy Designs

Small frame- reds, brown and black- black cross $15.00
From Artsy Fartsy Designs

Large Faith Frame- black, reds, browns- double cross- Faith in white vinyl $30.00
This has to be one of my favorite designs yet!
From Artsy Fartsy Designs

Small Love Frame- Black, brown and olive green $12.00
From Artsy Fartsy Designs

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