Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Canvases

new canvases in stock!

8" X 10" Burgundy Canvas, "Blessed" in white vinyl, animal print, black, browns, olive green- Silver Cross- hangs with black ribbon $15
From Artsy Fartsy Designs

I LOVE these canvases- they're 4" tall X 12" long and stand great on their own. I have several in stock, green & black, Red & black, red & brown- all say "Blessed" in white vinyl with either silver or black crosses $25 each. I've been told these make great gifts for hostess gifts and teacher gifts too!
From Artsy Fartsy Designs

8" X 8" canvas- reds, browns and black cross- hangs with black ribbon $15
From Artsy Fartsy Designs

8" X 10" canvas- burgundy, reds, black, browns, olive green, animal print- double cross $20.00
From Artsy Fartsy Designs

Large 16 X 20 Canvas- Olive green, black and browns- layered cross with silver. "Live a Life of Love" Ephesians 5:2
(also have this in red- pictures coming!)
From Artsy Fartsy Designs

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House of Brodt said...

LOVE! I know I keep saying it, but I seriously need to place an order with you soon! Everything is so pretty and unique!