Wednesday, April 7, 2010

1st Official Ladies Night IN

this last weekend I went to Canton that is the most wonderful gloriousness if you have some $ to spend. I went & had a girls day with 3 great friends from my bible study. Boy did we have a blast! So many things to see....and buy.
Some cute ideas are almost always better when you do them yourself. For instance our chalkboards we made. They were selling for $75 with a few little iron adornments. SO we bought the cabinet doors for $2-5/piece and just a few dollars for each iron piece and had a craft night of it!

Ms Marsha with her beautiful piece. Marsha is a scrapbooker. I think I might be breaking her into being a 'crafter'. She had a blast & I'm so glad she did :)

Ms Kim and her beautiful chalkboard. Instead of just painting hers, she also decoupaged paper onto hers. It'll look so cute in her kitchen! Good Job Kim :)

And of course my camera battery died right before taking my picture. Oh well, here's mine this morning. I love the bottom iron piece with the hook & bird. It looks great in my craft room!


La Bonne Vie - The House of Brodt said...

LOVE these! Now I want to do the same thing! Did you buy everything at Canton though to make them???

April said...

Yes, however I'm sure you could find cabinet doors or even a large board piece at Hobby Lobby/Lowe's/Home Depot or somewhere of the sort. The iron pieces i bought in Canton, but Marsha bought hers at Hobby Lobby (always on sale!)