Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Babies babies everywhere!

not only is it wedding season (my regular job industry) it's also baby season so any freetime I have i've been busy making baby gifts! I can showcase 1 of them after this weekend. YAY! i love it, one of my favorites so far!
I made a little thank you gift for a sweet friend of mine who spoiled me and took me away for an entire day of shopping earlier this month. She is such a foodie & amazing culinary cook. I finally got around to delivering the gift to her house yesterday ! Wish I had taken a picture of it all put together, it was cute! I put together a little Starbucks gift card, a cute zebra print to go coffee mug & a cute tea towel i made. I love the pleats! It just reminded me of my sweet friend! ...Wishing i had ironed it now! ha!

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