Thursday, April 1, 2010

Quilt progress!

Finally got a chance to sit down tonight and finish up the quilt top I've been working on! This has really turned into a crazy looking picnic quilt, eh? oh well...I'm enjoying it! I'm hoping to finish it soon in the next week or 2 so I can start on ANOTHER quilt.. But we're talking BASIC for the next one. We're planning a trip out to CA sometime next month and I'd love to have a large quilt to keep at my Dad's place to have when we're down on the sand. yes, I know. I do this to myself don't I? I just create more projects for myself. oh well, it's how it goes I guess.

I was planning on just having the large 10" X 10" blocks in the middle, but decided it was just too boring for me. So once i had all the blocks sewn together i cut it into 4 & off set my 4 blocks and sewed them back together.

But for now, my quilt top is finished! must finish up the basic backing, baste it, quilt it & make the bias tape. I'm thinking about finishing it off with the solid aqua green, but I was planning on making the solid the backing too. or should i do something crazy with the polka dots or the pink striping or damask print?

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