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An organization tutorial!

What better combo: a tutorial AND something to organize with...

So in our last house (almost 4 years ago) we had this long & narrow bathroom that had so much storage/cabinetry and was an awesome bathroom...except for the unnaturally short toilet. Don't ask. it was shorter than usual.

When we moved into our new house, I didn't realize what space I was giving up (although we went up 700 sq ft of space in all, our new master bathroom was definitely lacking in the space!) it's a very odd shaped bathroom, but it works. It's nicely updated EXCEPT the previous owners never replaced the carpet to put in wood floors like they did every where else...well we haven't replaced the carpet yet either. we've been wanting to replace it for the past 3.5 years and put in tile, we just haven't gotten around to that project yet!

Anyway....reason for this post- double sink vanity. not a lot of cabinets to organize bathroom things with..not a lot of counter space (i hate clutter anyway!) but i needed someplace to keep our hair products, body products, perfumes/colognes, contact stuff, sunscreen....

wow do i ever feel vulnerable showing you my bathroom vanity. Don't judge. it's not clean & there's laundry on the floor. You know you're bathroom is probably the same. Unless your my sister/project manager.
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So this is my solution- an organizer that can hang on the back of my bathroom door! Someplace to keep all those everyday items both my husband & I use, but also kept up high enough from little hands, and out of sight as well. I used to have a shoe organizer on the back of our bathroom door, but I needed it elsewhere and decided I needed a prettier one than the yuck cream colored walmart brand for $7.50. I think I infact spent maybe $7.50 with the door hooks and it came out way cuter!
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List of Ingredients:
tape measure
dowel rods {you can get 2 long dowel rods, about the width of your door or slightly shorter, I was at walmart and all they had was a package of shorter rods, so I just 2 per worked just fine}
ribbon (5-6 yards of ribbon will be plenty)
clear vinyl (keep the paper, don't throw it away)
thread color to match your ribbon
sewing machine
over the door hooks (i bought mine at Target for $3.99 or somewhere around there)

Like my fabric? oh how i love remnants. when they're 50% off it's even better!
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Step 1:
Measure your BATHROOM door that it's going to hang on, NOT your craft room door like I did.
It's probably a 29" or 30" door, right?
So get your choice of fabric and cut the width to that size, the length- you can make it however long or short you like. I believe mine was somewhere around 26-30" long.

Step 2:
Hem the 2 sides down the length of the fabric, but not the top or bottom. Just a simple top stitch will do.

Step 3:
Flip the fabric over. Fold it over a dowel rod & pin in place. Stitch the end closed, stitch up the length of the fabric where you pinned and then remove the dowel rod. Don't stitch it up with the rod inside yet. Believe me, it makes for a longer & harder project when you decide to leave the dowel rods inside!
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Step 4:
Flip the fabric back over to the right side & use a pen, fabric marker, permanent marker or whatever to trace 2 squares onto the fabric. 1" X 1" is good, or 2" X 2".
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Step 5:
Don't cut out the square yet. Set your sewing machine to a zig zag stitch & shorten the stitch length like you were going to do applique work. My traced square was just a guide for me. After your done, pull the loose threads thru to the back, tie off and cut out the fabric.
Not pefect, but good enough for me. :)
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Step 6:
Cut your vinyl to match the width of the fabric + 1" over hang on each side. Get your ribbon and fold it over one side of the vinyl (turn the ends in) and stitch down the length. This is just an easy version of bias tape.
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Step 7:
Get your vinyl, line it up on your fabric, pin in place, fold over on the edges. the bottom doesn't need to be folded under, we'll add a layer of ribbon to finish off.
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Step 8:
Stitch your ribbon onto the bottom of the vinyl. It's not easy to sew straight onto vinyl, so having ribbon or paper as a barrier helps keep those feed dogs moving and not sticking.
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So here is your progress so far!
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Step 9:
Get the wrapping from the vinyl, lay it out over the vinyl & pin in place. Stitch the ends (with the vinyl folded over) and down the width of the fabric to make your pockets. You can make however many you need. I made 2 rows with 2 pockets and 1 row with 3. I'm thinking i might go back in and add a few pockets.
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So it should look like this:
Call me crazy, but it was exciting ripping that paper off the vinyl and seeing my stitches perfectly in place. it was like a big reveal- TADAAA!
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Step 10:
Repeat steps 6-9 for each row of pockets you're making.

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Step 11: Insert your dowel rods & close the ends.

So remember things to NOT DO like I did:
**measure the right door to start with would be good.
**don't stitch the dowel rods IN at the beginning. Don't ask, just don't do it!

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There is so many rooms you could use something like this in! your craft room, laundry room, kids room (to put stuffed animals in like I do :), or the hall closet to organize hats, scarves & gloves (like i do!)

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