Friday, March 5, 2010

Amy's Baby Gift

My sweet friend Amy I've known since 7 years old- We grew up in the same church and still keep in touch. She just had her 2nd baby earlier this past week. Keeping up tradition now with each baby gift, I can't just go buy bottles & diapers but I have to make a gift! as much as the hours are put into it, I do enjoy it. AND i do know how blessed it feels to be given a hand made baby gift- those are special gifts! Amy has the BEST theme ever for a boys nursery- 'vintage toys' think of all the books, blocks, toys we had as kids growing up. Sock monkeys, radio flyer wagons, Golden Books, etc. So wish I had thought up this theme for my boys! ha! I always make a playmat for baby gifts, it's one of those items that you don't really buy and dont usually specifically have, so that's my gift (along with a few other handmade things) something that can be used daily for the first 18 months!
I also made these 4" X 4" blocks that spell out Baby Bryson's name. I had to do some research for Amy's bedding so i could get the right scrapbooking paper. I don't know if she was just being nice, but they fit perfect in his room!

Tutorials for the blocks and playmat will come soon.....or when I make the next gift for another baby!

Blocks for Bryson
Amy opening up her gift at her shower
The playmat for Baby Bryson

Burp cloth & diaper holder for the diaper bag

Full shot of the playmat- I used 6 different fabrics, the brown minky fabric as a border & also tried my hand at applique work. Took forever, but now I get it!
In each individual square (they were 8" squares) there were 6 fabrics in 2" strips (I'll show you this technique another day!) which is much easier than it looks! and then each square is sewed together.

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