Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dresser Makeover!

So originally I bought this basic 4 drawer dresser when I was pregnant with my oldest. Couldn't find a dresser I liked anywhere & didn't want to buy the $500 changing table dresser. I wanted something that would last thru his teen years that didn't look like the 2 level changing table dresser. BEFORE i thought about IKEA, I bought a nude wood 4 drawer dresser & my husband stained it a dark brown for me. Then after M was born we were at Ikea and *THE DRESSER* was there. so then we had 2 (dressers that is, well we do have 2 kiddos now). I could have sold the 1st one on craigslist...actually I think i tried. Good thing it didn't sell. I ended up sticking it in the dining room corner. Sounds wierd, but it stored all my craft stuff in the dresser. it worked. for a while.
NOW, that I have a craft room & I live with 3 boys- this room is getting a complete girlified makeover. Funny thing is, my color scheme is blues, browns and whites. BUT allll girlie stuff that my husband would hate. think brown zebra print, ruffles, textures and all things girlie.

So then the dresser comes into play. The dark brown was just depressing in here, all the furniture is white, soooo......I had some fun on Friday! I was off work early, so I came home, opened the windows, turned on some music & had fun. My husband saw that crazy look in my eye so he stayed away.
I pulled out the drawers & sanded them down & the dresser too. Threw on a coat of white paint. Okay, so I got lazy & didn't do the whole thing with a coat of white, I did it on the dresser at least, but not the drawers. PERFECTION IS NOT KEY HERE!
Since I used my white acrylic paint (funny, right!) it dried very quickly. Then I used my Olympic "Sea Sprite" eggshell wall paint & went to town.
After picking up the boys from school, little M went down for a nap & I just lightly sanded down a few spots to rough it up & distressed it some.

couldn't find a before shot. bad me. Buuuut I do have it as a background in this first pic...just so you get an idea.

finished project!! Don't you LOOOVE?

upclose distressed.

doesn't it look like it's been around for years? like it's been stuck in my grandmothers barn? if she had one? The best thing about it, if it gets scratched or scuffed, it's okay. It'll just add to it!
I LOVE recycling old furniture pieces!!!!

oh and if you're curious which dresser is now in my Boys' room, it's this one from ikea. Hands down makes the best changing table. It's the Hemnes 8 drawer dresser.

Yes I know, there's one white shelf & 1 black on the wall. Can you believe that was the ONE thing that would have completed the nursery (for both boys) and my husband 'never' got around to painting it black? God bless him. That's all I gots to say.

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