Tuesday, March 16, 2010

getting the urge...

to quilt again! I haven't made one since around Christmas...in fact..it was these 2 T-shirt quilts I made for Meredith...

From Crafts

Don't mind my husband's lovely pajama pants. ;)

From Crafts

I really enjoy quilting...I've made 4 quilts in the past year now...maybe it's about time i make one for myself! We've been enjoying some park time lately & eating outside quite a bit, got me thinking I should make myself a 'picnic quilt', big enough for us to hang out on (laughing at myself thinking oh boy what projects i put on my self!)
i think the main part of the project i REALLY enjoy is the fabric shopping. I LOVE shopping for fabric.

Why do I add projects to my ever growing to do list? I guess i just need a challenge for the next few weeks...I have the next 2 weeks off, which means I need to do something I guess! Maybe in that time I can finish the baby gift I've been meaning to make and I do have the T shirt quilt that I need to finish for my "Project Manager"....
...here it is infact....
right where it's been for quite some time...
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yup, rolled up in a cubby. a while back (when i was just starting to quilt!) i had pinned & basted the top of her t shirt quilt (which my mom made for her & never was able to finish) then started quilting it & learned somethings of what NOT to do. so it since got rolled up in a ball for another day. I know what I need to fix, i just don't want to re-pin & baste! I hate that part! so maybe next week i'll get around to it finally.

So here is my color scheme for MY new quilt...surprise surprise...it'll probably match my craft room color scheme. SPEAKING of which, maybe next week I'll get my new curtains made too for my craft room.

From Crafts

Recognize the Aqua damask? I *DO* think i might need to run to the fabric store tomorrow to find 2 additional prints, i think some more brown is needed, and one more print..we'll see how it comes together then :)

I'm also slowly making some progress on the craft room...i bought knobs today to replace the ugly ikea knobs. here they are on my billy bookcases...another thing to do next week...craftroom progress!
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