Monday, March 22, 2010

new fun toys!

I splurged on myself this last week. That doesn't happen too often...well not so much splurged on myself, but I ordered myself a new toy.
Okay, so maybe it doesn't look like a toy to you, but it's a new attachment for my sewing machine. I am SO excited to use it...I need to make something tomorrow! This attachment is a ruffler foot- since i love all things ruffle-y...THIS will be fun & will make my life just a little easier :)
Stay tuned for a review!

I was busy busy working all weekend, so I haven't gotten to craft much since Friday night, but I do plan to get back to work on my quilt tomorrow! I have the individual rows sewn together, and 3 rows sewn together, i just need to attach the other 2 rows to make my big block...I've been thinking about something else I might do too..more on that once I do it!

I did get the 2 long strips/sides sewn...I have some sashing I need to cut & 2 shorter sides to finish up and then the top part of quilt will be complete!

Slowly, but surely it's coming along...I'm also debating if I should stipple this quilt or not, I love the classic look of stippling and some of the swirl designs, but I might also do some off set block stitching.
Film in the Fridge is one of my favorite quilters- she is AMAZING and really makes some beautiful quilts! I love this style of quilting she did with the off set blocks HERE
Check out her blog for some serious inspiration!

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