Monday, May 10, 2010

Framed Magnetic Boards

I'm BAAAACK! did you miss me?
We had a family vacation the past 5 days and I had such a great time with my 3 guys. Relaxed family time is always great to have, sadly I don't think we get enough of it..wait, but who does, right?
There was ONE thing missing for me on sewing machine. oh how I missed it! Sadly, I didn't make my deadline I gave myself before vacation. I really wanted to make a beach quilt, but didn't finish it in time. Hopefully we'll head out there over the summer again and maybe then I can make my 2nd deadline :)
all in all my 2 weeks before vacation were absolutely insane, so i must have been just as crazy to think I would get something so time consuming done! ha! The tuesday before leaving town, I did host a craft night though! We had fun and it was a super easy craft! My few friends that came were so quick and loved their creations. Now i have to think up the next project for craft night.

Framed Magnetic Boards:

I took pictures of the finished product, but nothing during for a tutorial. However here is a list of items we used:
10" X 13" frames from Hobby Lobby ($15.99 @ 50% off)
Scrapbook paper (2-3 sheets each)
rick rack or ribbon
upholstery nails
wooden letter or cross accent
tin sheet (if you don't have any or can't find something similar- you could get some chip board and paint it with the magnetic paint)
hot glue gun and sticks

1. Take out the glass & sheet from the frame (won't need them)
2. Use the backing of the frame and decoupage or even paint it- you can do a solid color or print.
3. Decoupage the tin sheeting. *I found these tin sheets about 5 years ago at JoAnn's on clearance and never used them...FINALLY getting a use for them!
4. Glue the tin sheet onto the backing
5. Glue the rick rack or ribbon on top of both pieces and secure in back with hot glue
6. Paint accent piece, once dry glue on.
7. Get upholstery nails and cut off the nails and glue down the tops into each corner
8. Make some cute magnets out of jewels

So maybe this wasn't what my directions say to do in my picture, but it's close enough and super easy!


Kenzie said...

These are perfect! I love all the color combos you used too!

Stephanie Lynn said...

Super cute and so stylish! Love the leopard print! Great idea. Thanks so much for joining the Sunday Showcase! I greatly appreciate it. Hope you have a wonderful week! ~Stephanie Lynn