Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tea Towel Apron

Today is my friend Nicole's Birthday & we got together last night for a night out with our husbands another couple friend. I saw this idea at a cute boutique a while back and choked on my spit when I saw the price tag. Knowing me~ (big surprise) "I could SEW make that." so I ran out to target, picked up a black hand towel, headed to the fabric store & picked up some UT print & orange fabric. (her and her husband bleed orange.) and surprisingly enough, I don't have EITHER in my stash. I think it came out cute! I was worried it would come out too halloween-y with so much black, but I think the Zebra added some fabulousness & broke up the orange and black enough.
This apron was fairly easy to make- I didn't make too many mistakes! just lining up the ruffles to fit the towel length was the time consuming part besides actually putting it together!
I think i might have to make myself one- perhaps non college related though. I see some bring summer colors & polka dots in my future :)

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