Monday, December 13, 2010

Cancer sucks quilt done!

Ahhhh i love it when a big project is complete! Even better when I get to hand it off and send it to it's new home.
I met up with Sara & Mimi yesterday. We let the boys all play & I got to hang out with Sara & Mimi for a few. Mimi is such a fun lady. Always has the right thing to say at the right time. And it's usually some smartass comment too :) She has a tough demeanor about her & seems that she can take on anything. But she is sweet & so loving even when my boys haven't seen her in almost a year, they're holding her hand & giving her hugs in the first 5 minutes. In my mind she is that ideal grandmother type & I know if my Mom were still here she would be just like her. So I appreciate the extra love and attention she gives to my boys. What a great lady she is!

SO onto the pictures....I photographed the quilt before leaving this morning...always a mistake- morning sun is harsh, but I couldn't NOT photograph it!

There was 1 block sent that had cute buttons on it & I was afraid to put it in the quilt. If Mimi ever washed the quilt, I wasn't quite sure if the buttons would bleed their paint or not- so instead I used the block as a pocket on a tote bag. I thought the bag would be handy to carry her quilt & kindle in to chemo. plus it matches :)

2 of the blocks I made- the cancer sucks is my favorite :-) & I thought the martini glass was just cute!

top part of the quilt- so many great blocks were submitted. i love that there are pictures of her grandchildren and family too. The tote bag is covering up one of my favorite blocks- it's a moose in an Alaska setting (all pink) really detailed and looks like lots of handy work. If I did the same, it would end up looking like a cow or something. ha! Should have taken a pic without the tote bag. doh!

More blocks.... love the Alaskan cruise ship too...I love how each block is so different!

bottom part of the quilt - the boys in the family submitted inspirational quotes. I thought that was sweet!
Thank you to everyone of Mimi's friends & family who contributed to this quilt. I really enjoyed it. I also know that Mimi will enjoy this quilt & physically see the love and prayers being said for her thru this battle !

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