Saturday, December 18, 2010

Do it yourself FAIL

Can't help but post this because it is too stinking funny not to share. And God Bless my friend Jes for doing this. This is the reason why I call her one of my 'besties' something like this happens & you can't help but laugh at yourself.
jes & I have been talking for sometime now about buying ourselves a dressform. Jes has gotten into sewing clothes. I haven't yet, but I still want a dressform. She decided to go the DIY route & save some money, so she found an online tutorial & followed it.
As I'm sitting at the computer tonight getting some work done, I get this text picture....

And the text that follows says...
"So David {her husband, who is a volunteer firefighter} was duct taping me to make a mannequin of myself and just got paged out to a house fire. Now I'm stuck standing in this until he gets home. Greatness!! LOL"
My only response was "that's hilarious! It's Facebook worthy!"

Jes decided to quickly figure out how to cut herself out of it when my husband replied with "Hope you don't have to go to the restroom anytime soon!"

I think we'll be laughing over this one for a while!

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angie said...

Hilarious! I've had alot of "do it yourself Fail." :)