Monday, December 27, 2010

Giving is receiving !

Finally celebrated Christmas with my husband's family this morning. The Alabama crew made came in late last night so we celebrated first thing this morning. I've been so excited - I had made 3 quilts, one for my mother in law- Dee, one for my husband's Grandfather & 1 for my husband's Aunt Libby. I finished Dee's quilt back in September sometime, made Grandpa's quilt back in November and ahem....STARTED Libby's quilt last week.....and finished it LAST NIGHT. Yes it was pulling it close, but I did it. And she was thrilled! and it was a good thing we celebrate Christmas a few days AFTER the 25th :)

I think I only make handmade gifts because I love to see the faces when they see it for the first time. pure joy :) Libby even said, she was secretly hoping I would make her one. She was thrilled when she opened the bag. My mother in law on the other hand, cried. a good cry though. She knew immediately the fabrics used were from her grandmother. I didn't get any pictures of Grandpa opening up his gift because all 3 of them opened theirs up at just about the same time.

I was taking a little test shot of Kathryn (Gavin's cousin) opening her gift when I realized Libby opening the quilt! oops!

That smile is realizing what it is :)

inspecting the flannel quilt

My Mother in Law Dee starting to tear up

Since I finished it late last night- Kathryn & I went outside for a quick shoot this morning (using my new lens yahoo!)

Finished quilt is pretty large- 74" X 74" a nice big snuggle quilt - 100% cotton flannel both front & back

And my next project will be a design wall in my office as my floor isn't cutting it anymore. I am happy with the finished quilt- but wishing I had added more red so it didn't look so random in the quilt. I used 6 different flannel prints, but black/grey/white/red flannel prints isn't so easy to come by. but over all, I'm glad Libby loves it and I just wish I bought enough flannel to make myself one too!

From my funny little family to yours- Merry Christmas and happy new year!

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