Sunday, August 14, 2011

Quilt Bedding for Lauren

My sister's friend Liz brought me her childhood bedding & wanted me to revamp it. Liz wanted something shabby chic for her daughter, Lauren's room. The comforter was an old Waverly print called "Darlington". The comforter was one solid print and pre-quilted like below. I made Liz a full size quilt, 2 standard size pillow shams and 2 throw pillows.
Since the comforter was pre quilted material, it wasn't hard to disassemble, it was just time consuming. In the end I found it quicker and easier to cut the fabric into fat quarter size pieces, then disassemble and cut the fabric into the sizes I needed.

I used a combo of fabrics that I thought coordinated with the Waverly print. The pink was the hardest to match, so using a combination of the pinks worked I think. The finished quilt is a full size 78" X 88".

The shams are standard size 20" X 27"


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