Monday, July 11, 2011

Route 66 Baby bedding

My friend Nicole asked me to do her baby bedding (this is baby bedding set #4 that I finished so far this year) I *think* i've finally got it all figured out! haha I've now done 4 different styles of crib bumpers this year- a quilted bumper, an overstuffed bumper, covered a bumper and now just a simple foam insert type bumper which I think might be my favorite to do. I was also excited that I used ONLY my serger for this crib bedding.

We used a simple small black and white gingham fabric for the crib skirt

a soft light blue chenille on one side of the bumper and the route 66 fabric Nicole picked out on the other side. I also made black & white gingham tabs to tie the bumper onto the crib (used a rolled hem here)
Curtain panels- again the coordinating fabrics up t0p with a fun trim for an accent. We actually used 108" broad cloth for the main part of the curtain panel. I made 2 and they measure 82" wide by 80" tall. a small trim of the gingham on the bottom seemed to finish it off just right! :)

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