Sunday, March 7, 2010

Burp Cloth tutorial

I love making these for baby gifts! Apparently, I love doing them so much that I'm making 2 sets of 3 FOR my sister who is giving them as gifts. HOW did that happen? There better be some good thank you out of this! ;) Bitterness aside, *I* love making these as gifts when I get to be the one giving them away! HA! They are super easy and who doesnt love cutesy fabric adorned burp cloths? (Thinking I might have to give my sweet sister a name/alias on this blog...perhaps "Project Manager" suits her juuuust fine. it still keeps her anonymous, right?) Love you sis! :)
Let me show you how easy it is!

I know some people say to prewash everything, but I don't. is that bad? I barely get my own laundry done, so this sure wouldn't get done if that was the case.

First you need:
Burp cloth
Coordinating ribbon
white thread
sewing maching

1. Measure & cut fabric- I generally cut the fabric length about 21" long by about 4" wide. burp cloths are less than 21" long, but i tuck the ends of the fabric length in, pin & stitch for extra secureness. is that a word?
From Crafts

2. as i just said, tuck & pin the ends. sides don't need it because they will be covered up with the cute ribbon. I sew a lot of things and I don't pin much...shhh. i know. maybe I should pin things more. anyway, these I DO pin when working on them.
From Crafts

3. Stitch the ends and down the length of each side in the middle of the burp cloth.
From Crafts

4. These wonderful lines will help you stay lined up! Use them.
From Crafts

From Crafts

5. Once you've gotten it all stitched down, measure 2 lengths of ribbon. ~20-21" is good. Remember you need 2. WOW i did not stitch very straight on the right side. good thing is doesn't matter!
From Crafts

6. start at one end with the ribbon lining up right on top of the fabric. I have the end of the fabric meet the middle of the ribbon width. does that make sense? I again, tuck the end of the ribbon under itself & pin then work my way down one side & then the other.
From Crafts

7. Stitch down each side of each ribbon. I use the pressure foot as my guide to make sure I'm sewing straight lines. you do actually want these lines to look straight.
From Crafts

8. Don't snip the tails yet. I keep them long & when I'm done I double knot them tightly & then trim the threads.
From Crafts

9. TADA. all done. easy, right?
From Crafts

Here's the first set for my sister's friend who is having a girl. I hope she tells L that I made them & not her! I think the middle pink damask & green ribbon is my favorite!
From Crafts

Here's the set for her other friend who is having a boy. My sister plans on embroidering their initials on top of the fabric for some extra cutsiness!
From Crafts


The Kaspars said...

hope 'my friends' don't see them! Very cute, ur tutorial is helpful so maybe I'll attempt some time :) many thanks, from the 'project manager'

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