Sunday, January 30, 2011

1st Baby Bedding!

Today was my soon to be sister in law's baby shower! I am beyond thrilled that all in the same year, I will be gaining a pretty awesome sister in law AND my 1st nephew! My sister, a good family friend & I hosted the shower today & Rosie was beyond blessed with all the baby loot!
I told Rosie earlier in the fall that as her gift I would make her baby bedding (crib bumper, quilt & skirt.) She mentioned she liked the idea of Noah's Ark, so as I searched for fabric, all I found was pastels! not my style and not Rosie's either. So I decided I'd make my own spin on Noah's Ark with the bedding. Rosie helped me pick out the fabrics, but she wouldn't see it finished until today! I was pretty nervous considering I haven't made baby bedding before! i bought a pattern, but.....I'm not really great with patterns yet and I wasn't thrilled with the design- so I decided to just wing it! I was actually pretty pleased with how it turned out and I think Rosie was very thrilled!!

Rosie opening the card I made her- I scanned a cute picture of my brother (at about 12-18 months old) in a laundry basket - my mom was afraid to cut his curls, so he had a cute curly little mullet!

Toy organizer with velcro tabs to hang on the side of the crib

Opening up the baby bumper!

We used Michael Miller's zoology in brown, a blue chenille with a wave pattern, the green & brown polka dots are from Hobby Lobby & the outside is a brown wood grain by Moda, the binding is dark brown.

Toy organizer for the crib with a diaper carrier for her diaper bag.

Again the bumper, you can see the wood grain- also the tabs on the bumper are velcro to attach to the crib.

the quilt!
The Crib quilt- the backing was Michael Miller zoology

Up close of the quilt- dark brown for the binding, with a decorate stitch.

Can't wait to see it all put together in the crib!


Kristi Kelly said...

Looks awesome April!!!

angie said...

This turned out great!!! You are so talented!

Dede said...

April that is awesome. What a great gift. I love the quilt.

Amanda said...

You did such a great job. I love the fabrics!