Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Solid Colored Binding tip

One of my favorite quilt/sewing investments I've purchased in the past 2 years is the Simplicity Bias tape maker. It really cuts down on my sewing time. Not to mention saves my fingers from multiple iron burns.

One issue I've come across when attaching the folded bias tape is when I am linking strips of the bias tape together. (before running it through the machine) I love to use a printed fabric because it's easy to tell which side is the right side & which is the wrong side. No one has taught me any little tricks or tips on figuring out how to always attach the right sides of solid colored bias tape to itself for binding, so I've found my own little trick .
First let me tell you if you need a good tutorial for making bias tape and attaching it to your quilt- check out Amanda Jean's tutorial over at Crazy Mom Quilts my problem is when I've used only solid fabric for the binding, sometimes it's easy to lose track of which side is right and wrong. Have you ever sewn your bias strips together just to find out you did it to the wrong side? oops, nothing short of frustrated!

So before I even start ironing & sewing my bias strips- i mark the same sides with a marking pencil. 1 mark on each end should do it. this way you know to always match up those sides.

Can you see how the white marks I've made sort of show me that my right sides are together of my solid fabric?
Next - follow Amanda Jean's tutorial part 1 for binding. (I attach mine different than hers in part 2- i run my binding thru the bias tape maker and then sew onto the quilt)

after running it thru the bias tape maker - no oopsies & frustration free binding every time I've tried this little trick. All was needed was a simple marking pencil :)


Lisa B Carter Designs said...

Great idea! I was using pins to keep the right side marked but I like you idea better. Thank you for sharing.

Ellyn said...

Good tip! I can't tell you how many times I've messed that up!