Saturday, January 1, 2011

40 year plus Work in Progress

I'm curious to know how long a "Work in Progress" is before it becomes an unfinished object? or perhaps a Lost Cause? Gavin (my husband), his Grandmother gave me 2 quilt tops to work on. they were HER Mother's (so Gavin's great grandmother's quilt tops) Granma thinks they are at least 40 years old.

I have decided to resurrect these beautiful quilt tops. Granma gave me 2 to finish for her. They are both pretty large quilt tops about 70" X 90". I've basted & quilted the one this week and am now working on the binding of it. Gavin's cousins, Aunt & Uncle were in town staying with Granma & Pop Pop & the cousins were complaining of being cold at night so, I figured I'd try to work on 1 this week. Didn't get it finished in time, but it will definitely be done for their next visit.

I'm sure Nanny Hall (Gavin's great grandmother) will be pleased they will be finished soon! I just can't get enough of these vintage fabrics! love them!

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Ellen said...

Those are AWESOME!!!!!!! Good luck! :)