Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Projects Projects Projects!

Whew, so many things on my plate right now, or rather my craft table. I don't even want to post a picture of it, my table is so incredibly messy and piled high of fabric, rulers, projects, etc....
Here's my list of projects & priorities right now:

1. Valerie's tickertape "EatPrayLove Quilt" - almost done with it, finishing up the bottom panel & hopefully it'll be on it's way to her home this weekend.

2. My nephew's baby bedding! He'll be here end of March, but the baby shower is January 30th! crunch time! I now have all the fabric, just need to get started.....Did I mention I am also helping host the baby shower??

3. My niece's new bedding. Went to my sister's house on Sunday afternoon & we figured out what we are going to do for my niece's big girl bedding. Here's the package of fabric & scraps I came home with on Sunday. yikes is right! Waiting on fabric for her bedding to come in as well....

4. Michelle's anniversary photo quilt for her parents

So obviously quite a bit to keep me busy during naptimes and after the boys go to bed. My sweet kitty found a new nap spot yesterday, I'm not so keen on what he is napping ON, but I need to wash it anyway. I think he has the right idea- NAP!

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angie said...

Love your ticker tape quilt!