Thursday, January 20, 2011

finished Ticker Tape Quilt

I should really keep tabs on how many ticker tape quilts i've made now...I'm starting to lose track!

Valerie's ticker tape quilt went to it's new house today. Valerie asked that her EatPrayLove quilt reflect Julia Robert's tunics in the movie. I finally caved and watched the movie! Officially giving up on the book.
I've been playing around with binding lately. Some of the ladies in my fabulous DMQG quilt group don't just machine stitch on the binding with a straight stitch, but a decorative one. So this was my first time I tried that. LOVE IT! man so much easier! I do love to hand sew on the binding, but only smaller quilts. I'm starting to not hate binding so much . (also helps with a little trick I figured out- but that's for another post tomorrow!)

Can't wait for spring like weather so I can start taking pictures outside again. Tired of this dreary weather. Pictures inside are just not as nice. :-/

Decorative stitching on the binding.

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