Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Coffee Coozies!

So I saw one of these Coffee Coozies a while back & kept thinking I want to make one! I pulled out my stash of scraps the other day & decided to make 1. Well, it was so easy & quick, I made 5 more! One for me, one for my 2 BFF's, one for my sister & sister in law and Gavin's aunt. Ha, guess I went a little overboard! But hey, what a great scrap buster & a fun little gift!!

Of course the Zebra is for my sister!
I love this new print I saw at Hobby Lobby one day, love the colors- perfect for me :)

An easy tutorial will follow tomorrow! : )


Lisa B Carter Designs said...

These are sooooo cute!!

Anonymous said...

I love these so much!! Very creative and very cute!!

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness, my original post didn't show my name.... it's Brandi