Thursday, January 6, 2011

Coffee Coozy Tutorial & Template

Are you excited for my 1st tutorial of the year? ha, sorry you don't get many tutorials from me. I only make tutorials when I feel they are blog worthy :) This one is way too easy & fun not to share!
Speaking of sharing...I love making these so much, so I'll give one away to one lucky reader!! My first ever giveaway!!! Just leave a comment & I'll draw on Sunday night. (in honor of one of my BFF's birthday, because she's getting one too!) Giveaway entries must be submitted before Sunday @ midnight, central time.

Here's a list of things you'll need:
2 pieces of coordinating fabric (each measuring 4" X 12")
1 piece of batting (measuring 4" X 12")
sewing machine
Button or embellishment is optional
if you are going to add an embellishment then, fabric glue is needed

1. Print out and cut out my coffee coozy template. Don't cut on the dotted line, but the solid line.

2. I layered my fabric & batting & pinned, then cut it out. Don't you LOVE scrap busters? You COULD even make a quilted one if you like! hmm....I just might make one like that soon! And if you're lucky enough to own an embroidery machine, you can add your name! OH the possibilities are endless! okay, back to the tutorial...

3. Next, I laid out my fabric & set out my velcro on the fabric. Just so you can see which side I added mine onto, I laid it out. Basically, you'll add your velcro to the same side of both fabric pieces. I added mine onto the right side. You can choose left if you like to be different. Sew it on good.

4. Layer 1 piece onto the batting, the 2nd piece of fabric, flip over then lay on top of the fabric/batting combo. (Right sides together) so in this sandwich you'll have batting on the bottom, fabric #1, then fabric #2 on top with their right sides facing each other.

So it'll look like this...make sure to pin before sewing.
5. Using a 1/4" seam - sew together.
6. I started at one side of the opening & finished at the other side. Make sure to backstitch at the beginning & ending stitch to secure. Don't forget to leave that opening open!

7. Before turning inside out, clip the corners straight across. this helps to get those sharp corners to turn inside out.

8. Turn inside out & press with your iron. Make sure to not iron over the velcro. Bad news for your iron!

9. Do a nice top stitch to finish it off. I used black thread for my top thread & red thread for my bobbin thread.

10. Now you could leave it as is here and have a cute reversible coffee wrap!

11. Or if you like something a little more glam, add a button or one of these gem embellishments! (you can buy a package of these in many different colors at Hobby Lobby for about $1.99) Also this is where the fabric glue comes in...

loving my new lens....

hmmm....can't decide! which side??

If you can't decide- you can add one to both sides! it won't lay as flat as I liked, so I only added 1. But this is a great option if you want to use your coffee coozy to match your mood or outfit! :) Us girls love options!
and voila! You have a super cute coffee coozy! I've been keeping mine in my purse and another in my truck. Now if ONLY Starbucks would bring back my Caramel Brulee Latte I'd be in heaven!

SO easy, right??? Happy Sewing!


Pattie said...

Great tutorial! And, yours look so great. I don't drink hot tea, coffee or hot chocolate, which I suppose makes me a square..but I know some people who do!

Thanks for sharing this great tutorial :)

Kristi Kelly said...

Love, love, love it!! I hope I win one!!! Go April, you crafty girl:)

Anonymous said...

I love this so much!! Very creative and so cut!! If I win, I am giving it to my mom!! Brandi

Nikki Cole said...

OMG this is so cute im just learning to sew and i think i might try this
I hope I win

Saratogarose said...

So amazing I can across your tutorial! I got one of these for Christmas from a friend and I would love to make some. Love your giveaway!!


sandyandcosmo said...

Thanks for the tutorial, I would love to win this!

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to win this!!!

JBlanton said...

great tutorial- thanks for the chance to win