Sunday, January 2, 2011

First time quilting

While Gavin's cousins were in town this past week, one night his youngest cousin, Keira (12 yrs old) & my 4 yr old went a long with me to Joann's one night. I needed to get some fabric for the backing of one of the vintage quilt tops. Keira knows how to sew & asked her mom if she could buy a new pattern.
While looking at the patterns, she didn't see anything she liked & turned to me & said, "I think I want to make a quilt, but I don't know how to get started." I had a 'proud older cousin' moment. I was so excited for her!
They have a few quilt starter sets at Joann's, so I thought that might be a good start for her. Keira picked out a charm pack for her 1st quilt project.
Because her machine is back in Alabama she hand sewn the 5" squares into rows & I sewed her rows together for her one night. I had some left over batting & some blue flannel scraps that matched perfect for the backing that we used. Yesterday, I taught her how to baste it all together. She then worked most of the day on hand quilting it using one of Granma's big embroidery hoops.
Last night Keira, her mom Libby, the boys & I ran to Joann's again to pick up some binding for her & while we were there she picked up another charm pack & a jelly roll for her next quilt. I am so excited for her- I knew what that meant! She's already addicted & thinking of her next project!
I was so happy to get to help her on her first quilt while she was here! Cant wait to see her creations!

Finishing up the basting

Trimming the excess batting

Busy little bee working away

She spent most of the day hand quilting- something I haven't even done :)

It's looking great Keira! So proud of you!

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Kristi Kelly said...

It looks AMAZING!!! How fun that she is starting so young:) Love reading your blog, April!!!